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Spring 2013 Small Business Credit Survey
Spring 2013 Small Business Credit Survey
Results suggest the ability to access credit remains a widespread growth challenge for small businesses in the region, even among profitable firms. However, the percentage of discouraged firms, defined as not applying due to approval concerns, declined and more firms said they received all the credit they had applied for.
Released May 2013
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Diego Aragon
Senior Regional & Community Outreach Policy Associate
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Tony Davis
Senior Regional & Community Outreach Analyst
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Shira Gans
Program and Relationship Director
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Michael Gedal
Director of Household Credit Analysis
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Kausar Hamdani
Senior Vice President and Community Affairs Officer
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Claire Kramer
Regional & Community Outreach Manager
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Rae Rosen
Vice President and Regional Economist
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Stephanie Rosoff
Regional & Community Outreach Associate
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Javier Silva
Regional & Community Outreach Analyst
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