Collateral Pledging
To borrow from the discount window, acceptable collateral must first be pledged and placed in a loan collateral account. Guidelines and forms for financial institutions can be found below.
Federal Reserve Collateral Guidelines pdf offsite
Mechanics of Borrowing offsite
Operating Circular 10: Lending offsite
Operating Circular 8: Collateral offsite
Official OC-10 Authorization List for Borrowing and Pledging
Official OC-10 Authorization List WORD
1 page / 59 kb
Collateral Reports Request Form
CMS Reports Request pdf
1 page / 64 kb
Guidelines and Forms by custody arrangement

Deposit and Withdrawal Forms
National Book-Entry System (NBES) Accounts
NBES Procedures PDF
2 pages / 17 kb
Not available online
Depository Trust Co. (DTC) Arrangements
DTC Procedures PDF
1 page / 17 kb
Euroclear or Clearstream
Borrower-in-Custody (BIC)

* The New York Fed will accommodate vault custody arrangements for collateral that is in tangible form and not able to be held in any other type of pledging or custody arrangement acceptable to the New York Fed only in very exceptional circumstances, such as a unique constraints on the pledging institution or a significant lack of other available collateral on the part of the pledging institution. If your institution would like to pledge colllateral in tangible form by delivery to the New York Fed's vault, you should contact the Discount Window hotline at 866-226-5619.

** DTC deposit and withdrawal applications are only required for Treasury's 31 CFR Part 202 and Part 225 accounts