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Schedule and Presentation Procedures
Schedule and Procedures

All first-round presentations (except for Western New York teams) will be conducted at the New York Fed. See the New York Fed's website for this year's schedule. All teams must be available to present in the morning and/or afternoon. All teams must be on time for their scheduled presentations.

The rules and procedures for Competitive and Instructional division teams are the same. Competitive division teams receive a numerical score and are eligible to advance to the semi final round. Instructional division teams do not receive a numerical score or advance, but they do receive additional coaching and feedback.

The winner of the Western New York competition will automatically be included in the semi-finals.

The semi-finals and finals for Competitive division schools will be held at the New York Fed on one day—the semi-finals in the morning, the finals in the afternoon. The winner will be announced at the end of the day's competition.

First and semi-final round presentations will use paper presentations and handouts. No computers or projectors will be available. Students and faculty advisors must bring three paper copies of their handouts and monetary policy statements with them to the preliminary competition for the judges. Teams advancing to the semi-final round must bring six copies of their handouts and monetary policy statements.

Finalists will read their statement and answer questions from the judges. Finalists will not make a presentation other than reading their statement.

Presentation Procedures
  • The judges will introduce themselves and then ask students to introduce themselves, without mentioning their school or district.
  • The timekeeper will inform the team that it will have a maximum of 12 minutes to make its presentation and that the team will be signaled when two minutes remain.
  • Students may refer to, but not read from, notes or scripts.
  • Teams may huddle briefly to formulate a response to a judge's question. However lengthy and/or frequent huddling may result in points being deducted.

  • No questions will be addressed to the team during its presentation.