Human Resources

Susan W. Mink (bio)
Executive Vice President
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The mission of Human Resources (HR) is to deliver integrated and scalable HR solutions that enhance the effectiveness of the Bank's businesses and staff; attract the most skilled, capable and diverse talent by leveraging the credibility, culture and unique opportunities offered by the Bank; and prepare the next generation of leaders for the Bank by retaining and developing our talented staff through outstanding opportunities for their career. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Provides a comprehensive and competitive array of benefits to support the health, safety, well-being and financial security of our employees and their families.
Business Partners
  • Works closely with our business group leaders, managers and staff to advise and consult on organizational and workforce planning, management and leadership issues as well as employee inquiries and concerns.
  • Helps tailor HR solutions to meet specific business needs while maintaining consistency, fairness and a “one Bank” approach across groups.
Client Services
  • Manages the Bank’s payroll processes and personnel records.
  • Provides retirement and benefits counseling, support for recruitment and special events and administrative oversight of the Bank's Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) and the Fed Club.
  • Provides a variety of compensation programs and practices to attract new employees and recognize and reward our current staff through a variety of base and variable pay components.
Health & Wellness
  • Strives to promote and improve the health and well-being of all our staff members by offering a comprehensive, yet varied assortment of wellness promotion activities on a regular basis.
  • Works with hiring managers to identify and select internal and external candidates with the skills, experience, values and interests to match job openings at the Bank.
Reporting and Analytics
  • Works with business managers to provide relevant, timely and accurate information to support management and business decisions that affect employees.
Talent Management and Development
  • Helps the Bank get the most from its people by providing processes and systems to assess potential, manage performance and productivity, and gather data to support decisions related to the development and deployment of talent.
  • Helps our staff get the support they need through innovative, accessible programs and tools to develop skills and enhance career and professional development for current and future roles.