Communications and Outreach

Jack Gutt (bio)
Senior Vice President
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The mission of the Communications and Outreach Group is to develop, coordinate and disseminate information about the Bank and its work to internal and external audiences. Specific responsibilities include:

Digital and Multimedia Communications
  • Manage the Bank's online presence.
  • Convey the Bank's messages using multimedia presentations with video stories and interactive graphics.
Economic Education
  • Provides public tours and manages the museum and its exhibits.
  • Develops programs and outreach efforts to increase public understanding of who we are and what we do.
Internal Communication
  • Supports the Bank's business objectives by facilitating the sharing of information via strategies and messaging designed to engage, educate and inform staff.
  • Manages various Bankwide communication vehicles, such as the intranet, print publications, plasma screens, daily news email, templates and other applications designed to put its strategies into effect and deliver the right message—and information supporting those messages—in a timely and effective manners.
Media Relations
  • Serves as the Bank's central contact for media inquiries.
  • Disseminates information regarding Bank activities to the public through the media.
  • Monitors the media for developments of interest to the Bank.
Regional and Community Outreach
  • Build the public's understanding and trust that the Bank acts in their interest.
  • Actively honor its public duty to explain and inform Bank policy decisions and build support for sound monetary and regulatory policy.
  • Broaden and deepen its network of relationships across the Second District and key constituencies.
  • Leverage the Bank's resources to advance the region's economic vitality.
  • Provide grassroots intelligence and insights to inform the policy process.
  • Demonstrate exemplary stewardship of resources.
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